The Red Planet, 2018-19


EXOPLANET CECILIA 41020 b is a science fiction narrative in the form of an exhibition of photos and text that investigates the fragility of human perception when faced with the intimate context of imperceptible and unfamiliar territory. An astronaut explores EXOPLANET CECILIA 41020 b, an earth sized candidate for future generations of humanity. She arrives on the exoplanet solo. After landing she leaves the space ship and comes across a landscape of large trembling mountains. A crevice in one of the mountains opens and spews out incomprehensible drawings in the sky surrounding her. Quickly she photographs the lines in space, returns to her space ship, prints them out and attempts to interpreted what she believes may be signals from an alien life form. Disorienting exposure to alien experiences and commitment to the practice of systematic observation and measurement confront the astronaut as she continues her explorations, observations and interpretations. As the environment observes and responds to her she becomes acutely aware that she is the alien.